part two really about module one

A few more pics to show Loraine (should she be watching) that I am really getting there with module one!

I've done the 3 samples of stocking stitch - in bamboo (grey), 'Australian wool' and a 50:50 acrylic nylon mix, which resists all attempts at blocking to prevent curl! I've dampened and pinned it - curled dreadfully - so I soaked and washed it, rinsed it, and pinned it out again carefully. Both times - completely dry by the end. Didn't want to steam block it because of that acrylic.

Curly as a curly thing in a curly world eating curly fries.

Pics (it's still pinne dout here, I was too depressed to take it after the pins came out:
Module 1 swatches blocking

And some ribbing samples. I'm hoping this really is the most boring element of the course... I know it is very Good for Me to do all this practice, actually pin myself down to exploring these differences, but it isn't very thrilling and takes a surprisingly long time.

Module 1 ribbing samples
I'm also looking for an aerial view to explore texture in one of the design elements of the course. Loraine kindly splits up the Expected Outcomes for the two strands of the Handknitting 7922 course - she's put lots fo work into the modules, and their are strands of design in each as well as strands of exploring fibres (wool this time - I've got that to do too) and technical knitting skills and finishing.