Messy - um Tues-ish-day

messy tableSorry for blurry pic.

How I spent my Tuesday: making mess at the dining table - plunging into the C&G knitting course, module one. So far, a lots of talk, very little action, but today - ACTION! I'm going to enjoy this, Loraine.

cooking messWhy, no, I haven't unpacked the shopping bags. Oh, you think that's a good idea to avoid tripping? Hmmm... I'll give it some thought.

I cooked rather lovely boiled chicken with veg and rice in one pot, made Nigella's Mum's saffron lemon sauce (a sort of hollandaise) and made lots of delicious banana bread. AND managed to scuffle round doing a quick tidy, hoovered under the bed (I promised this morning. Tried to take a pic of the dust levels there, but too dark), and washed up before Clare got back. She now phones from Central station (if she doesn't cycle) where she's about 25 minutes away; the perfect time for a procrastinator. A quick re-organise of stuff so that there are some clear spaces to eat and sit, and she feels happier coming in and the evening is happier too!

This is what JoVE talked about in her post yesterday (well, a bit of what she wrote) - negotiating shared household space and tidiness/mess. 

I'll include a pic of what Clare naturally just does with her potential mess when she gets in :
Clare's tidy bike stuffAmazing to me!