Josephine's done (hello again!)

Josephine complete
So, I've finished Josephine, and all the details are Ravel'd. It was quite an easy knit, really, and I'm pleased with it. It is growing, as expected, and the only hope is that it grows no more than I allowed for (ok after 1 day's wear, fingers well and truly crossed).

The Sisters who indulged us as part of a history of Queer Sydney yesterday were happy to be pictured with old Josie, too...

Josephine and the sisters
I suppose it might be an idea to write here about my knitting plans, though they are being somewhat kiboshed at the moment by the non-arrival of all our shipped stuff. I'm assured it arrived in Sydney on 12th February, and we were warned it would be 2-3 weeks till it would be delivered to us, but - well, I have to admit to having bought some yarn in the meantime. Two balls of reduced something-or-other superwash heavy DK/aran from Tapestrycraft to make my Ellie, pictured here armless and one-legged, reclining on the deck. Not sure what came over me, I'm usually pretty much agin the cutesy-pie stuffed toy thing - but I suppose Ysolda managed a not-too cute but rather appealing elephant with her Elijah pattern, and the grey/brownness helps too! 

IMG_1905Not sure who'll get him...
I've also accidentally bought some organic wool in dark sheep colour from Ecoyarns, a site I'd stalked before coming here. I've always wanted a black sheep coloured jumper, and this is  going to be it! I think it'll be a combo of Knit in Chunks and Silver Belle; that is, the construction of KIC (but in DK as this yarn is, rather than aran) but with the cable around the yoke from SB, and probably the cables form there for the skirt/body part, too. We'll see! I do plan to leave it with just capped sleeves, as I think that'll be a good temperature for here in the winter, and home in the Spring/Autumn.

My Ravelry queue shows all sorts of plans, such as Intoxicating from No Sheep for You (awaiting yarn in shipping= AYIS); Fifi from French Girl Knits in Calmer (overdyed by me) (AYIS); Mamluke socks by Nancy Bush for Kate's 40th birthday present (AYIS); a very bright (coral, orange, tomato) Mermaid by Hanne Falkenberg (AYIS); a lightweight jumper in Kauni effektgarn EQ and (I think) Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4ply, in black with coloured flecks - perhaps Venezia? Or a self-written pattern. Might use the Kauni against itself, alternatively, so rainbows in 2 directions (AYIS)....

Etc, etc. I have got a bit of sock-yarn here, from Knitivity (in Glacier Lake for Clare and Cygnus the Swan for me) and I do have all my needles (except those actually committed in the dratted shipping to the Twisted Float Shrug (one arm and a few more repeats of the pattern in the HUGE circle to go) and the Cablenet socks). Harrumph.