Christmas 2005

C bought me this great bagful of yarns from Di Gilpin's shop in St Andrews (a wonderful den!) I was planning to make a coat, knit tight (nicking stitch patterns from Jean Frost's Jackets book) so it wouldn't sag, and arranged interestingly. Voddy kindly helped me to make a calico tacked version to use as a pattern guide, and I swatched then kind of launched into the left shoulder bit. Haven't done any now for about 15 months... I really must!

These (above and right) are some of the yarns - above is handspun Wensleydale locks; right is handspun baby alpaca and some Yorkshire tweed aran; the long swatch above is also yorkshire tweed aran, as is the above right start of L shoulder in YTA with a boucle from Texere held with it.