New Name - and Ravelry

Just a note to say - I've changed to my Real World name - easier all round. So that's Emily - I was using Ginny as an alias..... but I've got over myself.

Also, I've just logged on to Ravelry - the brainchild of Frecklegirl and her partner. I think I'll find it a very useful site on which to keep info about my horde - yarns, needles, patterns, books, queueing projects - and also to check out what other people have used a yarn for, or what a pattern has looked like. Of course, I can do all this with google, searching blogs and other sites, but this seems a very neat way of managing it all easily. And it'll move with me to Australia.

It's all good! I gather they are gradually sending out more and more invites to join - doing it that way in order not to suddenly crash as the partner is the only techguy, and he has a real job!