7 random things

Dee got me! I've been tagged for the latest meme - specifically: each person tagged tells seven random facts about themselves in their blog (and at the same time, reiterate the rules). Then you tag seven others, naming them on your blog, and leaving a comment on their blog so they know that they have been tagged. I've been tagged by Dee.

I drive around Birmingham in an orange splotchy smart car (love it!)

I don't like dry sandwiches, or soggy ones. Very picky about them.

I only get my hair cut about 3-4 times a year - it takes me several months to get used to each time.

I have got all of Georgetter Heyer's romances in crappy old paperbacks, and periodically re-read them.

I've been friends with my bestest friend since we were both babies - and our Dads were friends from their babyhood too.

My maximum heart rate is 195bpm (as tested on a static bike this morning, in preparation for a fitness campaign).

Although I am two years older than my brother, I always say 'when we were about 7' etc, as if we were twins!

Feel free to be tagged - DIY style...