Just a quick few pix before I'm off out - some progress shots.

First, the twisted float/cocoon shrug from Autumn 05 VK by Annie Modesitt - one of her successes in my view. this was done in Lorna's Laces EXPENSIVE YARN, and I used instead - Debbie Bliss Maya, which BTW was a wonderful yarn, and very little like the dried out bland Soho that has replaced it. It was a soft, thick and thin but DK ish weight yarn, kettle-dyed in the most beautiful colours. I'm using all sorts of colours, browns and pinks and purples and oranges, with a blue/green yarn for contrast, and have got past the sleeves (the bright red part row you can see part way through the last colour). The 'public' (on the right here) and 'private' (on the left) sides are both lovely - I'll have to tidy it so I can do it either way, I think!

Then Amy Singer's Tuscany from the no Sheep book - I reckon I am about 2/3rds of the way through (and it has become quite laborious!)
I've also started a pattern from 'The Best of Knitter's Magazine - Shawls and Scarves' which is on p 76, called Corner to Corner Shawl - it's done in the book in a Kid Mohair, but I am doing it in Handmaiden Lace Silk , Renaissance colourway. It is a rectangular shawl, with long panels of lace patternwork in a garter stitch ground. Works well for this hand-dyed yarn!

Lastly, I'm using some Hipknits silk
(aran weight) to make a sea scarf for C, who loves the sea!

What, me? Like knitting shawls/scarves? Never!