What a fabulously fun day out! I think there'll be a series of posts about this, as blogger doesn't like too many pics in one post, I find.

Anyway, Unravel in Bracknell was an unmitigated success as far as S and I were concerned. Every person working there - including staff in the cafe - seemed to have a headdress consisting of a hairband wrapped in yarn with a small ball of yarn on the left with 2 tiny knitting needles through it. Looked great! (That's me sorted for headware at the enxt wedding I go to...) Lots of young people involved in running the thing, and a very varied audience - people like me who had travelled far due to our knitting obsession, and local families coming for a day out; people who had been involved in the lead up outreach events (in schools, for young people, and older adults too).

The pics here are of Rachael John's (scroll down) most 'Extreme knitting' as her technique is called - she usually uses lots of different yarns together, but this time used 1,000! She had specially made HUGE needles and lots of helpers. Doesn't it look beautiful with the waterfall of yarn! The final product would make a great futon mattress, certainly thicker than some I have slept on!