Unravel the third (and last)

The 'knit a river for water aid' River was flowing over the banister at the turn of the stairs - I think I'll need to make them a square now, it looked cool and is. The guys from 'I Knit', a new knitting shop in London, brought it - they spend Saturday afternoons in the shop piecing it together. It sounds like a cool shop - open mostly in the evenings, and knitting clubs several nights a week. They were selling some lovely yarn at the show - I bought some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in lovely reds and blacks.

There was also the Knitted garden (or rather, a part of it) - fun, looks good, but not really my thing (same for the gingerbread house in progress in the same room). I think the latter is for charity - for GOS and North Devon Hospice.

An artist had been working with school children doing 'wool collographs' (printing with wool) on sugar paper, which was all folded and combined to create this magic thing.

Two artists had created knitted wire pieces - a very realistic bicycle was sent over from Canada (imagine the packing!) and these ethereal (?christening) robes and little shoes showed beautifully in a cubbyhole.

And I think I said that there were lots of young people running around doing all the work in the place - (with fab headpieces on) -well this chap was taking tea to all the workers in a pinnie with emergency crochet hooks etc slotted into specially designed loops - and was only too happy to be photographed with it on. I like boys like that!

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