Jonah and the Penguins.

I have a new Cousin! My cousin, Jamie, and his Partner, Harriet, have had a baby - called Jonah. I've just finished sewing up his cardiagan, made from Opal sock yarn, using the Knitty pattern 'Devan'. An easy knit, and should be fairly indestructible, I hope.

The lovely Penguins are from Injabulo, and are sewn on VERY TIGHTLY to avoid choking.

I'm also still knitting the pink cashmere shawl - miles to go - and finished the somewhat hideous shawl for my niece to wear as a bridesmaid (hideaous because I detest the wishy-washy colours, you can see them below. Nice yarn to knit with!)

Need to start another pair of socks for lots of journeys over the next week - I'm off to 'Unravel' on Staurday, and then having a day at the Jewish museum in Camden with my mum on Tuesday.