Swatching for wedding stole

So, my cousin is getting married in January (she last did this when she was 18, all round disaster, hopefully better now in her 30s! I haven't met the guy, but her Ps like him as do mine, so the signs are all good!) She seems to have got summer frocks for herself and her 3 'flowergirls' (when did it stop being bridesmaids?) My niece is to be one of them, in a sleeveless nylon (it looks on the email) cream frock; I think she'll be cold so have offered to make a shawl for her, and also one for the cousin.

Should have been writing an essay on mortality yesterday, and did do some reading, but then a bit of swatching. Oh, and buying cashmere on-line for it... hope the colour will be ok, cousin's dress apparently pink, unable to send me a sample, though. Anyway, I had a shuftie through some of the lace in Barbara Walker's pattern books, thought hearts would be approopriate. I haven't pictured my first swatch of just the main pattern done as written, in stocking stitch; I don't want there to be a right/wrong side to this stole, so I've changed it to garter sticth. might have to do the same to the edging - which, by the way, I think I'll just add to the ends - and either try to rewrite the body pattern with a wavey edge, another nice but straight edge, or add a simple narrow knitted on edging. I think this one is too big for all the way round.

What do you think? This last picture is the photochopped version of the edging on an end.