Just a quicky from work - Alice asked what essay? And of course I haven't really mentioned it.

I'm doing this MA in Medical Humanities at Swansea University, and have my 5th and final essay to get in by October 13th. "examine the significance of mortality for human life". Quite a subject! And my friend's (can I have a 'best' friend now I'm practically 40?) father died fairly suddenly earlier this year - he was my dad's childhood friend. So the essay is well-timed, in that I am thinking about this stuff anyway, and I seem to know lots fo people whose fathers have died in the last year or 2 (though this is by far the closest).

I suppose this age (did I mention???? 40 in March) is when our parents do start to die. I know I am rehearsing mentally, not that that will help when it happens (I so want to say 'if' but am not that out of touch with reality).

So I am watching 6FU (ie Six Feet Under), Harold and Maude, reading bits of Hamlet and Socrates and so on, and coming up with lots fo ideas. So far, as usual, I have about 1700 words (no, actually, way ahead of usual no at this point because I don't want to do any during my holiday) on a variety of areas, like how we think about mortality at different ages, the way the death of a parent slaps you in the face, illnessa and bringing ideas of our own mortality, plastic surgery and reluctance to age...

Shall I stop now, Alice? Too much information?

Wait till I start my dissertation...