Crafting Cupcakes

So, the pile of fabric under my desk is still there despite my promises to re-fashion and my lovely wool tops have still not manifested themselves into felt bead jewellery. However, I like to think this is because I've had better things to do.

Not necessarily better, but a lot of fun is my new hobby. After years of wanting to be Gypsy Rose Lee I have finally got some guts, and a corset and am learning burlesque. Yup it's true - should all things go well and I don't end up falling over my stilletos as I attempt to artfully remove a glove in practice I may sometime in the not tooooo distant future take to the stage and become my burlesque alter ego 'Cupcake'. When I'm not practising to twirl my tassles I've been obsessing about 'Cupcakes' costumes and decided that the best way to get a head is get a hat - et voila, here is my little cupcake hat!

I started off taking some cotton and stiffening it with some iron on vilene and then pleating it and ironing it endlessly till it decided to hold itself in place. With a foam base and some wool tops as stuffing (they are coming to some use at least) I then popped another piece of foam on the top to make it look like a rather engorged cupcake. The 'icing' is some pink lining fabric I had lying about and the 'raspberry' is a slightly bodged stitching of lots of little pink beads. I wanted to pop a cherry on top but realised I didn't have the appropriate kind of beads. To finish it off I popped some lace around the bottom and seeing as it IS burlesque a few sequins. It fastens on my head with the help of a stiched in hair comb and some ribbon which I can tie round my head - more pics to follow