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So here, late as late can be, is my (pitifully small, it seems) collection of teas. I drink a lot of herbal teas (and my favourite of all is not here as I always run out - Blackberry and nettle. Love anything blackberry-y) . However, I also love Lapsang Souchong - my aunt used to send my parents 2lbs every Christmas, which lasted the year as we have this with just a few leaves in a teapot.

Talking of teapots, I love these 2 - the blue I bought in a market in Vienna, and it is very Germanic in having the tealight thingy underneath (at leat, it is not at all English, and the people I know who use teapots like this are mostly German/Austrian. Oh, and Dutch. So perhaps I should say Northern European? Who knows!)

And when it comes to mugs/cups, this is my favourite of all; it is one that was handpainted by a guest at the big celebration my love and I had of our relationship in 2001 - instead of present, everyone painted different (not matching) bits of white china that was later re-fired, so we have a whole set of dishes and pots and cups and serving thingies in different patterns but the same colours.

In reality, I almost never use this cup and saucer. I like thin-ish ceramic/pottery/whatever mugs, that have wide openings and aren't curved. Not picky at all!