Cashmere Progress, a Bayerische sock

Jude and Artis-Anne
wanted me to keep you all updated about the pink stole for my cousin's wedding in January - here's how it's going - here it is. It's 5 pattern repeats across, and so far 2.5 long. looks good stretched out, but like a bucket of boiled ass (copyright Rabbitch) as it is!

Bayerische sock

Eunny Jang, she of the wonderful designs, incredible technique tutorials, interesting talk etc etc has started a Bavarian/Austrian style sock. on 96 stitches. I am so excited about this pattern-in-the-making - my grandparents came to the UK from Austria in 1938, and my darling Mutti, my grandmother, would have loved these. I may have to make these for her in lilac, her colour (makes me think of Lila Pause!), and give them to my Mum. She wears lilac too.