Cool Poi, nephew, and in-progress shots

A picture of C performing with fire poi in her parents garden at their party

(celebrating their 60ths and 35th wedding anniversary, like the weekend in Cornwall). Very popular show, everyone was dead impressed. If you've never been near a live fire-poi exhibition, you won't know that one of the most impressive things is the amazing NOISE it all makes - a rushing wind noise.

A little pic of my nephew, Ben, with his cute curly topknot. He's just started crawling very efficiently!

And lastly, wanted to get in a pic of the progress on my bamboo (SWTC) Lotus Blossom Tank (from IK summer 06). I've done an extra couple of lace pattern repeats to make it a more flattering length, I hope. I'm a bit further on now (took this on the train on Sunday on my way back from babysitting for ben and Alice, his big sister who doesn't stay still long enough to get a pic!) I've finished the front and about a 1/4 of the back. I want to wear it to Woolfest on Saturday - we'll see if it's done and blocked in time!

And here's a detail (no detail - perhaps in a separate post???) showing the yarn in all it's plant-fibrey glory! Neither picture show the colour quite right.. But I've tried it on now, and I think it'll fit and not be too girly for this mildly girly dyke.