30 things

So, Kerrie wants us to write 30 things about us. Here goes:

1 I knit
2 I buy yarn
3 I buy patterns
no surprises so far...
4 I am very messy. No really, really messy. Worse than you are imagining.
5 I love reading, but seem to knit instead these days.
6 I spent summers in Wales as a kid, and remember it being warm and sunny most of the time.
7 I got an ipod nano for Christmas - so I could listen to Brenda while I knit. Or books on the ipod.
8 I love the martinis my father-in-law makes. So dry they barely pour, and made from vodka (though I prefer gin usually).
9 I am a major gin snob. Won't drink Gordons any more (which limits pub G&Ts), cos I just don't finish them! Favourites are Hendricks, Tanqueray Ten and Plymouth (for old times' sake). Very cold, with a trifle of tonic (not slim!) and 1 ice cube. Fussy? Moi?
10 I drive an orange smart car (mine's nicer, the silver bits are black which goes better with the orange).
11 I am a bodger. I VERY rarely rip, and tink only as much as I have to. It's home-made, isn't it?
12 I Like going for walks (hiking to North Americans), but - perhaps later? I need encouragement to get started!
13 I'm very hot and sweaty at night.
14 I only get my hair cut about 4 times a year. And coloured once. I like it growing out :-)
15 I can be quite shy.
16 Before I came out, I thought lesbians lived in Paris and had long cigarette holders and trousers like Katherine Hepburn. Turns out, I was wrong.
17 I am considering learning to spin. Don't tell C. But Mum has a wheel she doesn't want any more.... - gifthorse - mouth - what do you think?
18 I'll be 40 next year. Voddy will be 30 (sorry V).
19 I love to ski, it's the only sport at which I am remotely skilled. Learnt in the Cairngorms, so weather in the Alps holds no fears....
20 I write lists. Then lose them.
21 I am really irritable. Door slamming etc.
22 I can waste time fabulously well. Gold medal level.
23 the closest person to me to have died (so far) is my grandmother; she was 2 weeks off 90, and waited till I had just got to Australia. She did warn me she wasn't going all out to hang around, didn't enjoy not being able to do 12 mile walks. I loved her, we fought lots and cried and kissed lots, too.
24 I've just discovered making mayonnaise (and similar bearnaise etc) is easy and DELICIOUS.
25 I used to prefer knitting with cotton (weird?) as wool put my fingers on edge. Now I like all sorts, but definitely high end!
26 I still haven't given my goddaughter her Christmas present.
27 I never want to be a mother, but I love having other people's kids in my life.
28 We got our partnership registered very quietly last month, but in 2001 had a fantabulous 'Thing' where we made promises to each other infront of family and friends. And our parents organised it together and funded it for us. How lucky are we?
29 I like the concept of all matching beautiful underwear, but can't quite be bothered to be that organised. Though I do have some beautiful Agent Provocateur bras, can't bring myself to spend the dosh on the knickers!
30 I love beautiful shoes, but when it comes down to it, the ones I actually wear come down to comfort all the way.....